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No one wants to have to approach a criminal DWI lawyer for help, but inevitably, innocent people are arrested for driving under the influence, and they need the kind of representation that will fight for them. Police consider intoxicated driving with zero tolerance, so anyone who appears to be under the influence will be handled aggressively, most likely. This means a tendency to arrest drivers on weak evidence and without probable cause. If the defendant exercises their right to legal representation, they may be able to undo the damaging charge.

A criminal DWI lawyer has many defenses available to their clients, ranging from simple inquiries about whether or not their rights were read to them, to challenging equipment used for blood and urine testing. Sometimes, police profile people unlawfully and pull drivers over without probable cause. Sometimes, the officer mistakes someone under the influence of sleeping medication or a medical problem for someone who is intoxicated. Sometimes, the officer’s testimony is weak and unclear, and can be undone if the driver has witnesses on their side. An attorney will bring all of these questions to bear during the case, and with effective arguments, they may help their client avoid expensive fees, loss of driving privileges, and even jail time. In short, legal consultation is well worth it.

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