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A DWI defense lawyer may be the only ally an arrested person has. Intoxicated driving is a serious offense with serious ramifications, both legally and personally. An intoxicated driving conviction can lead to heavy fines, jail time, and far-reaching social consequences, such as the loss of a marriage or loss of child custody. Even worse, people are wrongly arrested and convicted of driving under the influence all the time, so those who have been mistakenly accused should be prepared to fight back.

A DWI defense lawyer can figure out the best way to approach a case, as there are several tactics available to an attorney. Did the officer read the arrested person their Miranda Rights? Did the officer have probable cause to pull the driver over? Were there other substances or reasons involved, such as sleeping medication, or physical ailments that could have led to erratic driving? Was the arrested person even driving at the time, or were they just sitting in their car? Did the officer use poorly calibrated urine or blood testing materials?

These are all pertinent questions that an attorney can build a case around, and with a legal expert’s help, a wrongly accused driver may be able to walk out of the court without facing any penalties.

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