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A family court lawyer is often the only professional an overwhelmed spouse or parent can turn to. These attorneys are equipped to handle what are often emotional and occasionally violent divorce and child custody cases. While these attorneys can also help in matters regarding adoption and guardianship, they spend the majority of their time negotiating divorce settlements and preparing clients for a child custody hearing.

An attorney is not always necessary for a divorce settlement. However, a spouse or parent may overestimate their ability to provide self-representation if the situation gets ugly. A family court lawyer, therefore, should be contacted when emotions run high in a divorce or child custody hearing. It is also essential to contact an attorney if violence is a threat to you or a child involved in the case. A child custody hearing can immediately swing in your favor if an attorney can demonstrate that the other parent represents a risk to the child, and an experienced attorney will have methods to prove just this.

An attorney is also a major help when the other side brings in their attorney for a divorce settlement. Because an attorney’s job is to get the best settlement possible for their client, you do not want to be without legal guidance when staring down the opposing attorney at the other end of the table.

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