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People who suffer an auto accident injury often need an attorney to help them get their life back to normal. A car crash can rob a person of their health, their ability to work and their quality of life. And, unfortunately, most severe crashes are preventable, whether because they are due to driver carelessness or due to a manufacturing defect in the vehicle. In short, someone is usually liable when trauma occurs in a crash, and a lawyer can help ensure this party is held accountable.

In the event of an auto accident injury, an attorney will aggressively pursue a settlement on the victim’s behalf. An experienced lawyer will see many of these cases every year, and will typically be able to expedite a victim’s case. The lawyer will also be able to gather evidence relevant to the victim’s case, bringing in photos, reports, witness testimony and prior cases to help push for a favorable settlement. Although liability is often easy to prove in a car crash case, it is difficult for a victim to seek a settlement on their own, especially if it involves long-term disability. A lawyer will also better prepare the victim should the case go to trial, helping them handle the often stressful deposition phase and mitigating any aggressive tactics by the responsible party’s lawyer.