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With a DWI defense lawyer in Fort Bend County, anyone who faces a charge in the Houston, Sugar Land or Richmond area will have a fighting chance against the accusation. While zero tolerance regulations have made the roads safer in Texas, they have also resulted in some overzealous officers arresting people who are not guilty of a crime. These people face extremely damaging penalties, including social stigmatization that often comes with an arrest. It will be up to the attorney to represent their client and fight back, and they have the tools to do so.

A DWI defense lawyer in Fort Bend County will have knowledge of local courts, and this extra insight can prove to be decisive for an arrested person. For example, a court may prefer to send people to rehabilitation instead of jail, or may demand higher fees in lieu of other punishment. An attorney can work with their client to determine a more positive outcome, and work toward it while establishing their client’s innocence.

Unfortunately, people are occasionally accused of a crime because they appear impaired by alcohol when they are not, or because they are tested using improper methods. An attorney can respond to officer testimony with witness testimony that supports their client, and arguments against probable cause and testing procedures. There are, in short, many options an experienced legal professional has on their side, and they can pay off for an arrested person.

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