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Precise estate planning can save your loved ones thousands of dollars and ensure they get everything you leave behind for them. Inadequate preparation may mean your prized mementos have to be sold to cover probate court costs. Naturally, most property owners want to make sure their loved ones get what they leave for them, but it’s not easy to handle this alone. That’s why so many hire an attorney to help guide the process.

Putting together a basic will is not always enough. While it can name an executor and guardianship for any minor children left behind, a will that dictates complex instructions will be difficult to execute. For example, if the owner wants to place conditions before releasing any inheritance, a will is not the appropriate document to use.

Putting together a will or something like a living trust should be done with the counsel of an estate planning lawyer. If there are any mistakes in the will, it may be nullified completely. Also, states differ in who may execute a will, so if a property owner picks an ineligible executor, the family may be in probate court for a long time. Probate court mediates disputes between family members and makes the final decision concerning who receives what.

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