About Us

Becerra & Colgin provides legal assistance in solving the legal needs of its clients. The firm handles Business Law, Probate Law, Family Law (divorces, custody disputes, adoptions), Criminal Law (driving while intoxicated DWI, driving under the influence DUI, wrongful possession, white collar crimes, and theft), Personal Injury (car wreck, toxic exposure, fire, explosion, truck accident, dangerous condition, & construction accident claims), and Consumer/DTPA/Insurance claims (Apartment Fire, Lemon Home, Negligence, Construction Defect, Fraud and Misrepresentation, and Residential Fire & Toxic Tort claims).

James Christian Becerra and William Madison Colgin IV are licensed Texas Lawyers in good standing and practice in the Houston area. They want to help Texans that have been wrongfully accused of a crime, are going through a divorce, have been injured or lost a loved one killed by the negligence of another, families needed help with probate matters as well as Texas families that have lost their home and personal property through fire, toxic mold, lead paint, or other toxins. These Lawyers will review construction accident claims, unsafe work place injuries, trademark disputes, negligent toxic mold remediation claims, negligent home construction resulting in fire and toxic mold infestations, insurance bad faith (refusal to pay a legitimate claim), catastrophic medical malpractice, pharmacy malpractice, real estate fraud, failure to disclose known dangerous conditions, and other DTPA, negligence, & breach of contract claims.  For more information  or a  legal claim call (281) 344-2512 and/or contact us with any questions.

These Lawyers commonly handle legal matters throughout the State of Texas including Houston, Galveston, San Antonio, Austin, and Dallas.  They also work with other Texas Lawyers on large complicated legal matters.  As experienced Houston Lawyers, they are familiar with a wide variety of legal matters and have helped many Texans and Texas families through difficult situations.

Becerra and Colgin is a law firm in Rosenberg, Texas.