Corporate Formations

Corporate Formations

Commercial law and litigation is one of the most complex legal specializations in the U.S. that encompasses everything from business startup guidance to multimillion dollar suits. The experienced attorneys at Becerra & Colgin PLLC can help a company through the complexities of the system and ensure they get the best representation available. This legal support is an essential component for any company because exposure to litigation is one of the costs of doing business.

How can Becerra & Colgin Law Firm, PLLC help with commercial law and litigation cases?
Every business, even small startups, have many moving parts that are difficult to realize in advance. Potentially costly suits are common, even among companies that strive to do everything the right way. Some of the most frequent business legal issues include:

Breach of Contract
Nearly every business relationship starts with a contract. Partnership agreements, supplier and purchase agreements and licensing agreements are all examples of their importance. When a breach occurs, it can cause tremendous problems within the company. (Determining when a violation has occurred is difficult, as contracts are often subject to interpretation.) Becerra & Colgin Law Firm, PLLC can help a company owner with interpretation, filing suit, and representing them if a violation transpires. Contracts are often subject to interpretation, so determining when violation has occurred can be difficult.

Intellectual Property Disputes
One of the most important decisions a new business will have to make for their company is how to present the business to the consumer. For this reason, companies must protect their trademarks and other intellectual properties from infringement. Becerra & Colgin Law Firm, PLLC can help a company determine if another business is infringing on their IP, and if it is being done in bad faith.

If a business speculates another company of concealing information, or deception during business dealings, then an attorney can help file a suit for fraud. In most cases, fraud is committed when two companies decide to merge or share resources in some way. If one party hides assets or other financial information when formalizing an agreement, then they may be committing fraud.

Contract Interference
Adhering to a single contract is usually a simple affair. (When establishing business relationships with other parties, things can become complicated, and can result in a contract violation.) Upon signing the contract, it is protected from third parties attempting to force a breach on either side. If a third party knowingly forces a contract breach that causes damage to a company, then they can be sued for contract interference.

Breach of Fiduciary Duty
When two parties establish a business relationship, they may name a fiduciary to manage the details of the relationship. A fiduciary is responsible to the principal, the party that may incur harm if the fiduciary does not perform their duties. It is common for business partners to agree that one partner will operate as a fiduciary and manage certain aspects of the company.

This is just a small sample of what Becerra & Colgin Law Firm, PLLC can do with commercial law and litigation cases. With our experience and knowledge, we can provide legal support for businesses in any position.