Family Law

Family Law

Family law typically involves the most stressful, hotly contested cases in the field. Attorneys in this area of law regularly oversee divorce, child custody, adoption, and marriage cases, they have to be prepared to offer objective advice and diffuse emotional situations. The attorneys at Becerra & Colgin Law Firm, PLLC have handled many cases in this field, so we are ready for any contingency or any unique situation that may present itself.

They are also expected to handle mediation between parties that may be at odds, which requires a steady, thorough approach to negotiation.

When should a family law attorney be contacted for help?
Anyone headed for a divorce or child custody case should strongly consider hiring an attorney, because it is extremely difficult to anticipate everything that may come up during an aggressively contested case. Child custody and divorce hearings, in particular, are often won by the side that has more compelling information. However,Becerra & Colgin Law Firm, PLLC can provide support for most cases, including:

• Divorce: In general, most people would like to find common ground without getting the legal system heavily involved, but this is not always possible. If a couple can establish their preferences for child custody and how their assets will be divided up, then it may be possible to file for divorce without legal help. If this process is impossible, then the attorneys with Becerra & Colgin can facilitate it. Our attorneys have access to investigators that can verify the assets each person has, and during mediation, we will ensure these assets and child custody are handled fairly and with compassion.

• Child Custody: Child custody hearings are complex and often involve factors either parents may not account for ahead of time. Some of these factors include each parent’s lifestyle, the emotional attachment the children have to each parent, where the root of the child’s life is (school and other relatives) and the mental health of the parents. In some cases, mediation may be the only thing required to help transition the child into a better situation. During a heated divorce, though, this may not be possible. Child custody may also become a pressing concern if one parent suspects the child is in an abusive or unhealthy living situation. In these cases, an attorney can help expedite the process and hire investigators to verify whether or not a child is in danger. If abuse or neglect is determined, then custody will almost always be granted to the other parent.

• Adoption and Guardianship: The adoption process can take many months from beginning to end. In some cases, couples or even single men or women may run into obstacles when adopting. Becerra & Colgin Law Firm, PLLC can anticipate these problems and adjust, which ensures the adoptee doesn’t have to lose months to red tape. Establishing a guardianship is also important, as it ensures the child’s protection in the unlikely event that something happens to the parents. Our team of attorneys can ensure guardianship is secure no matter what the future holds.

Family matters are often emotionally draining to handle, but Becerra & Colgin Law Firm, PLLC’s team can provide both gentle guidance and firm representation for its clients.