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Criminal defense attorneys have to fulfill an extremely important duty to their clients, and one that few are willing and able to perform. When someone is arrested, they will find they have few allies in the justice system, and the odds may seem stacked against them, even unfairly so. It’s the accused’s lawyer that will often provide the only respite, and will serve as the lone representative on the accused’s behalf. Professional representation is something that most cannot afford to go without, as few people have the ability to manage a case on their own.

There are many reasons why arrested people should consider hiring criminal defense attorneys, but the most important reason is case building. It will be the prosecution’s responsibility to prove the accused is guilty, but there are often exploitable flaws in their case, or even outright lies or false testimony. These tactics, though, may be too subtle for an untrained person to catch, but an experienced lawyer should be able to spot them long before they can cause their client harm.

A lawyer can also negotiate more favorable sentencing on their client’s behalf, which will be particularly important if the evidence against the accused is overwhelming. With plea bargaining and alternative sentencing options, a convicted person may be able to avoid the worst penalties, like extended jail time. This is usually only available to people with a lawyer, however.

Prosecutors are often extremely aggressive in pursuing maximum sentencing, as their careers are often built off such victories. A lawyer on the accused’s side, though, will blunt their edge and ensure the arrested person gets a fair case.

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