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As soon as someone has been arrested for DWI, they will need criminal lawyer experience on their side. Even if the defendant feels they are clearly innocent of the charge, they will face an uphill battle convincing the court on their own. Not to mention that every case proceeding requires a lot of paperwork, and this is something that an attorney can help with. Most importantly, though, an attorney can provide expert representation on behalf of their client, ensuring that the defendant is heard.

There can be many problems with a DWI arrest, and a criminal lawyer will be able to identify any violations or mistakes the officer committed during the process. For example, an officer may pull someone over under a different pretense and arrest a driver because they smell alcohol on their breath. But without testing or apparent dangerous driving, the officer cannot make such a claim. These instances of an officer overstepping their authority or making a poor observation do occur, and it can unfortunately cost the defendant money, time, freedom, and their reputation.

With expert representation, a defendant may be able to avoid fees, jail time and license suspension altogether. But even if a defendant is convicted, an attorney can often negotiate a lighter sentence, like calling for adherence to a treatment program. This can make it much easier to deal with a conviction, and allow the defendant to continue with their life.

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