Civil and Real Estate Law

Civil and Real Estate Law

Buying, selling, or leasing property is a personal, as well as a financial investment. At our law firm, we do the homework that enables our clients to conduct real estate transactions in confidence. Our lawyers also provide vigorous representation to property owners in legal conflicts over possession or use of property.

To protect your interests in a real estate transaction or property dispute, contact us today to schedule a consultation. We represent buyers, sellers, owners, and tenants throughout Fort Bend County.

Protecting All Types Of Property
Beyond real estate, our firm is focused on property rights in the broadest sense. We can knowledgeably address family wealth, business succession, gun trusts, intellectual property, mineral rights, and other property rights that need to be exercised or protected.

Comprehensive Services In Real Estate Law
Our attorneys have facilitated hundreds of residential and commercial property transactions. We have also litigated broken real estate deals or legal disputes after the fact. (Drawing on our collective experience, our legal team provides full-service counsel for all types and all offshoots of real property transactions:)

  • Structuring complex transactions
  • Drafting or review of purchase agreements
  • Land acquisition
  • Buying or selling a house, including short sale or for sale by owner
  • Acquiring a commercial building
  • Disclosures, clear title and other due diligence
  • TCEQ (Texas Commission on Environmental Quality) and EPA compliance
  • Commercial lease negotiation or lease review
  • Construction contracts
  • Fraud or breach of contract
  • Foreclosure or eviction

We strive to prevent legal entanglements through attention to detail on the front end of real estate contracts and agreements. When disputes do arise, our philosophy is to exhaust out-of-court remedies while positioning clients for the most favorable outcome in the event of litigation.

Fort Bend County Property Rights Attorneys
Disputes over real property can be complex and volatile. Our attorneys represent either party in legal conflicts involving questions of ownership or infringement:

  • Title disputes or action to quiet title
  • Adverse possession and abandonment
  • Easements or restrictions
  • Boundary disputes
  • Ordinance violations (setbacks, nuisance, permitted use, etc.)
  • Damage to property

Our trial lawyers offer capable representation for property disputes that can only be settled in a court of law. However, our experience has been that many of these conflicts are best resolved outside the legal system. This is especially true in disputes between family members, neighbors or business partners, in which ongoing relationships hang in the balance.

Committed To Service, Solutions And Protection Of Your Interests
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